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For personal reasons we have decided to end this amazing journey, la côte and make way for new ownership and new beginnings, With gratitude, Merci🇫🇷🇺🇸

Thank you to our wonderful clientele and friends for all of your support these past years. It has been incredibly rewarding to meet you all



la côte Riviera Kitchen

Our restaurant is located in the quaint neighborhood of Paulus Hook. In this historic district where boats from the marina, Statue of Liberty, and Sea Gulls check over Manhattan, we wanted to introduce typical dishes from the French and Italian Riviera.

la côte meaning the coast in French offers fresh ingredients, cooked with love, sun, aromatic herbs and authentic recipe here in the heart of Jersey City. 

There is nothing better.



Lobster day Monday 
Start the week with happiness

Monday is Lobster day at la côte!

We love Lobster, seared with extra virgin oil, slightly seasoned. We trust our Citrus butter sauce, or spicy marina sauce will delight the first day of your week.

See you then!


Enjoy our Brunch Private Parties
Saturday and Sunday.
Contact us  

Enjoy the weekend with the Riviera refinement

Only at "la côte". 



We are located in the quaint neighborhood of Palus Hook in Jersey City.

For Dinners, Brunch, or Special Events

You may contact us at: 


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